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FAQ – CJVisualization


With creativity and passion at the heart of everything we do, we inspire others with our thirst for excellence. Every day we seek to improve ourselves and our company by bringing the best visualization to life. CJ Visualization is committed to helping our customers and their businesses reach their fullest potential.

People power is the main reason for the unparalleled achievements of the company.

Our caring team of experts, which worships the god in the details, assumes any challenge that the client brings to our table and emerges out with a profitable solution that invariably convinces the client of its potential to succeed in the face of tough competition.

Versatility and expertise are the value our team assures to a client. With the rich and in–depth experience, the dynamic team of CJ Visualization has been serving different verticals with world class solutions. We have in our crew highly talented and experienced Creative Directors, Scriptwriters, 2D/3D Animators, Programmers, Video Production Crew, etc, who beautifully blends their expertise complementing to a completely cohesive team.

Our team is aware of the advancing global technologies and adopts them to the advantages of the clients. The team is highly creative and good in visualizing the image and impact that the product will create up on the target audience.

We pride ourselves on offering an affordable, competitively priced 3D solution, whilst ensuring that the quality of our work is never compromised. We never strive to meet client expectation, our goal is to exceed it. Please submit a simple set of drawings or sketches of your project and we will gladly provide you with an estimate and schedule.

The initial estimate is calculated depending on the size and complexity of the project, therefore there is no set fee.

In each case, we have to balance additional cost with the value of the visuals that are driving that cost.

Our  project proposals typically offer a base configuration and price along with optional components and their additional cost. Using this technique, you can decide what visuals you include for a given budget, delivering maximum value and return on your investment.

We include one round of minor changes after we have presented you with a draft 3D image.  If there are additional minor changes, these will be chargeable. All major changes are chargeable.

Our terms and conditions provide more information and they will be issued to you, once you have confirmed your intention to proceed with our service.

Depending from the scope and type of work, this is very much dependent on the size and complexity of the project, especially if there are multiple 3D scenes to construct. Our availability is also a major consideration, if we are working on multiple projects.  For a basic interior 3D model, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to have a draft 3D image ready in 3 working days.

The time and cost it takes to complete your project depends on defined goals, that are clearly understood both by you, the client, and us, the 3d artists. The more clear they are – the faster and cheaper it is for you. The more unclear – the slower and more expensive.

Our product is your vision. We want to make you happy, and we have a team of experts that exist to help you bring your ideas to life. Whether it’s for the trade show, for investors, the courtroom, or even entertaining the kiddos, CJ Visualization needs as much information as you can tell us to make sure that we create the idea and vision that is in your head.

Due to the versatile nature of our 3D Visualisation service, the information we require can vary.  However, as standard we need:

  • floor plans (they don’t need to be to scale, as long as dimensions have been annotated);
  • furniture layout (block diagrams will suffice);
  • images and/or website links of all the individual design elements, including fabric and finishes (website links are preferred as they usually include dimensions);
  • inspiration images to assist in conveying your vision, if applicable;
  • a variety of images detailing the interior of a venue.

From experience, email format works well, when sending us your information. Depending on your project, we will advise you of all the necessary information that we need and will keep you updated on progress.

Our usual process for basic 3D project as follows:

1. Client provides the general goal (desired end result), relevant materials and project analysis fee if applicable.
2. Our team conducts project analysis, clarifies scope and materials with the Client, and drafts a clear and specific project scope. (Views, camera angles, and animation sequences are included in the scope.)
3. CJ Visualization provides a price quote.
4. Client provides a partial payment and we begin work.
5. Our team completes the modelling process. (All the 3D shapes – walls, buildings, items, etc). Client approves or comments on the geometry. Comments (in line with the original scope) are implemented. Client must sign off on the geometry to continue on to the next step: Texturing.
6. 3D Artist completes texturing. (Materials of 3D shapes – wood, metal, glass, drywall, plastic, etc). Client approves or comments on the textures. Comments (in line with the original scope) are implemented. The client must sign off on the draft renderings to continue on to the next step: visualization.
7. 3D Artist optimizes light and material settings. Client approves or comments on the textures. Comments (in line with the original scope) are implemented. Client must sign off on the visualization to continue on to the next step: post-production.
8. Client provides the final payment.
9. 3D Artist enhances the work in post-production software and submits to the Client.

Our core software is 3ds Max for modelling, Photoshop for post on our illustrations and After Effects for our videos and animation.  We also use ZBrush, Maya, Vue, Unity 3D, AI, C4D and other software depending per project and our scope of work. Our capabilities at a glance: high quality mid- and high-poly modeling, sculpting, texturing, visualization, rigging, character, architectural and commercial animation, illustration and ADs.

As we have already mentioned before, the process of collaboration is essential for successful and fast design process. There’s nothing more important for the efficient collaboration than fast and clear feedback so we apply well-known and greatly performing tools used by a lot of teams all over the world.

– Set high standards
– Set goals based on a broad internal understanding of what your visuals is designed to accomplish
– Communicate, communicate, communicate
– Have as few approval levels as possible
– Recognize when you work as a team with your visualization studio, your visualization company will like to work with you—and it will show in your presentations
– Have highly skilled people on your side of the table

Creativity is important for any promotional and supporting materials.  It’s a simple correlation: higher creativity leads to greater visuals and thus, greater success over the long run.

Some people can not really understand the drawings or simple images and this is where visualisations come for help. It shows the real picture of a future place. This way clients get the better idea.

Visual materials are becoming more and more powerful sales tool for real estate developers, builders, brokers, furniture manufacturers or people selling their property.

Visualisation can really speed up the sales process and help your clients stop struggling during the imagination process.